I love winter foods

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I love when fall/winter rolls around.  Root vegetables are awesome.  Hearty winter greens rock my world.  One of things Carina and I love to make each winter time is what we’ve named “Winter Bowls”.  It’s basically a roasted sweet potato mash with a kale, white bean saute on top.  It’s usually a veggie dish for us, but now that I eat hella meat again, Kevin and I grilled up some chicken sausage and added it to the bowl.  Pretty sweet deal.

Sweet Potato Mash:

Rub 4 sweet potatoes with canola or vegetable oil.  Place on a baking sheet w/parchment paper and bake at 375 for 45-60 minutes.  Let those bad boys cool off a little so you can peel them without burning your fingers.  Peel them and put in a bowl and mash.  Add butter, milk/cream, salt and pepper to taste.  This is your base for winter bowl.

Greens and Beans:  A super simple recipe by the Neelys found here on the Food Network website.  Sub veggie stock if you feel weird about chicken stock.  This is your topping for winter bowl.

Any excuse to use my ramekins is a good one.  I found this recipe on Smitten Kitchen and needed to try it immediately.  I did the “quick method” without heating the pumpkin on the stove and it turned out great, but next time I’m definitely gonna go for the “creamier, silkier pudding” to give it a try.  That sour cream topping is amazing.  I wanna put it on everything.



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  1. carina
    December 1, 2011

    sausage lyfe!!!!

    and yes… that sour cream topping needs to be on more things….. all the things. all of them.

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