I was born September 7, 1983 in Vallejo, CA to Bill and Joan Neveu.

I enjoyed a completely selfish life as an only child till I was joined by my little brother Daniel in 1987.

I attended Tara Hills Elementary School in Pinole, CA till 3rd grade when we decided to move to Walnut Creek, CA.





I was (am) a weird kid and decided that my moving towns and changing schools was the perfect opportunity to get that sweet perm I always wanted.  So in fourth grade, my dreams came true.

I entered Murwood Elementary School with a new doo and a new attitude.  Unfortunately, a couple months later, I also got glasses and braces.  So, yes, I had what I refer to as the “Triple Threat”: Glasses, braces, and a perm.

I am purposely omitting photos from the “Triple Threat” years.  Sorry.





After attending middle school at Walnut Creek Intermediate, I entered Las Lomas High School in 1998.

I played Varsity basketball and softball and excelled in school but not so much the social world.  Oh well at least I had these sick brows.

All my hard work paid off when I graduated in 2001 because I got into my top university: UC San Diego.






UCSD was a blast and I met several life long friends.  I graduated with a BA in “Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major” which is a fancy term for “Graphic Arts”

I was a regular DJ at the campus radio station KSDT and began playing music with my classmate David “Petti” Pettijohn who ended up being one of my best friends as well as my musical partner.

After working my butt off in the music scene of San Diego (and doing pretty well), I decided to return back to the San Francisco Bay Area to live and work closer to my family and to the city I love the most: San Francisco.





I finally made it to San Francisco and working at Primo Espresso Company as the Product Distribution Manager.

I feel so lucky to live where I live and to love who I love.

I hope to pick up playing music live again soon and add another photo/caption to this page soon with a new adventure in life.