I feel cheated.

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I was only like 12 when My So-Called Life came out and I wasn’t allowed to watch it but always wanted to.  Cooler girls at school would talk about how dreamy Jordan Catalano was and I just pretended to know who and what they were talking about.  Well, redemption comes 16 years later in the form of Netflix online streaming.  The entire first and only season is currently streaming.  I, however, did not realize that there was only one season and just thought only the first season was streaming then I’d have to rent the DVDs.  This has led to a gaping hole in my heart/life.

So last night I watched the final episode titled ”In Dreams Begin Responsibilities” which ended on an incredible cliffhanger filled with Angela realizing that Brian was in love with her.  Jordan loves Angela.  Angela’s dad is on the brink of having an affair.  Ricky came out to Delia for the first time.  Tino still has never actually shown up in an episode.  It really seemed like things were coming to a head and going to make for an excellent second season and then BAM.  It’s over.

Naturally, I turned to Wikipedia to tell me why WHY they did this to me.  You can read the whole article here but basically, Claire Danes didn’t want to be in the show any more.  She won a Golden Globe for her role, was nominated for an Emmy and got to make out with Jared Leto a lot.  Sounds pretty good to me.

Although these actors are all in their mid 30′s now, I still wouldn’t be upset if they came back to film a final episode to wrap everything up.  In fact, I’d appreciate it.  Till then, I’ll join the rest of the cult followers in dreaming about how it ends.

Also, I want to be Angela for next Halloween.

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